Our Feespre school kids at nursery in Brecon

  Our fees cover all the drinks and meals for the sessions booked.


Full Day      8am-6pm                                  £41.00

Half Day      8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm              £22.50


Two thirds of the usual fee will be charged for holidays that have booked at least two weeks in advance. A maximum of four weeks holiday per year is allowed at the discounted rate.

Nursery will be closed on all bank holidays but no charge will be applied.

Nursery will be closed for Christmas holidays on Christmas eve and re open on the day after new years day except where this falls on a bank holiday.


Fees will still be charged at full rate if you child does not attend nursery for any reason(except holidays)


We require one full calendar months notice if you wish to end your contract.

Late Payments

A fee of £10 per week will be levied for late payments. Payment should be made in the same week that your child attends or for monthly payments by the 10th of the month. Occasionally it is possible to vary this agreement but only where it has been agreed by the nursery and confirmed by E Mail.